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SUBSEA AMERICA’S mission is to provide high performance, deepwater construction services and solutions focusing on safety, experience and industry leading operational excellence.

SUBSEA AMERICA is a full service remotely operated vehicle (ROV) tooling rental company offering the offshore oil and gas industry a wide scope of rov rental equipment for subsea applications as well as subsea hardware engineering, design, and manufacturing.


  • Depro Class 6/7 Torque Tools
  • Heavy Duty Flying Lead Orientation Tools
  • Forum Technologies Class 1-4 Torque Tools
  • Depro & Forum Technologies Class 5 Torque tools
  • Subsea Torque Verification Units
  • 15k psi Mini Booster Isolated Hydraulic Intensifiers
  • Hydrate Remediation Skids
  • WebTool Cable Cutters
  • Electric Hydraulic Power Units
  • Wellhead Cleaning Tools
  • Linear Valve Over-Ride Tools
  • AX/VX Gasket Removal Tools
  • Hot stabs
  • ROV Hooks
  • Subsea Reservoirs
  • ROV Tooling Work Baskets
  • Modular Buoyancy
  • Super Grinders
  • Diamond Wire Saws


  • Cost-effective solutions and logistical support to the industry
  • Turn-key support satisfying customer needs thru project life
  • Custom tooling in enhancing customer capabilities and service offering fast-track engineering in response to immediate and critical customer requirements
  • Technicians experienced with onshore and offshore operations to integrate operate test and maintain equipment
  • Logistical support of personnel and equipment
  • Dedicated in-house maintenance facility
  • Standard ROV Tooling fabrication: SSA has the ability to produce Hot Stabs ROV Hooks Torque Tools as well as I-HPUs
  • Conceptual tooling designs: SSA employs contract engineering facilities for conceptual designs and testing
  • Proto-type tooling fabrication and testing: SSA can produce functional first generation proto type tooling and test the equipment on a quick turn-around basis
  • Regional (GOM) engineering support
  • Electronic engineering support: SSA is drawing on global facilities with Electronic Engineering services to furnish their customers ROV tooling needs

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